They tried to warn us but we didn’t listen

Cassandra. Source

#1. Harry Markopolos

A Tiktok user posted a video about how she nearly got murdered and it went viral

Source: @literallylizzi on Tiktok

Fall Creek Falls Incident

Murdered his dorm mate for the thrill

Victim Generro Sanchez Source:

Jerrod Murray’s past

The demise of the cult leader, photographer and millionaire businessman Yoo Byung-eun raised as many questions as did his life.

Reward poster for Yoo Byung-eun being shown on TV. Source: Washingtonpost

Early Life

A look back at what people eat during desperate times

Source: The Guardian

#1. Poor Man’s Meal

Millions of people online are defending this man who killed a mother and her daughter in a traffic crash.

Cameron Herrin. Source:

The 17-year-old internet sensation was shot 15 times after insulting the leader of an infamous drug cartel in a video

Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales. Source

Internet Fame

Lindy Chamberlain lost her baby, wrongly imprisoned for 3 years and persecuted by the public for 32 years

Death of Azaria Chamberlian

Azaria and Lindy Chamberlain on Uluru. Source: Wikipedia

The origin of Thai children-eating boogeyman

Si Quey Source: BBC

Early Life


Human of the Internet

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